A team of MBA accounting students recently finished in the 99th percentile in an online integrated decision-making simulation that involved 1,271 master’s-degree-level teams worldwide.

Members of the top-ranking team included Ram Neupane (Nepal), Merveille Tiani (Cameroon), and Pondpat Tohsanguanpun (Thailand).

This is the 14th consecutive time over the past seven years that at least one group of MBA students has finished in the top tenth percentile.

Other U.S. universities in the top 10th percentile included DePaul University, Indiana University, Kansas State University, Pennsylvania State University, the University of Massachusetts, the University of Northern Iowa, and Western Michigan University.

“We had four teams competing during the three weeks ending February 5, with our students achieving a higher score than 81% of the participating graduate schools worldwide,” said Professor Andrew Bargerstock. “MBAs are expected to make decisions guided by analysis of quantitative data. These results demonstrate the readiness of our students for job markets now and for executive leadership positions later.”

In the online Capstone Simulation points are earned through well-defined metrics based on the Balanced Scorecard, a concept developed by Robert Kaplan at Harvard University. It recognizes four perspectives for measuring performance: customer, financial, internal business processes, and learning/growth.

The students must manage both short-term and long-term metrics across eight rounds of decision-making, with each round representing one year. This entails using their knowledge of marketing, finance, operations, human resources, accounting, problem-solving, and data analysis.

While not a competition per se, the ongoing simulation allows MBA teams to compare their performance with all the other MBA teams who have participated in Capstone during the previous six-month period, Dr. Bargerstock said.


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